Our Mission

Through the example of Jesus, The Cross ministers to students by teaching them to (1) develop intentional outreach relationships, (2) serve their communities, (3) grow as leaders, and (4) live out the same example to their friends in discipleship

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  • 1- Outreach

    • Regular campus presence - Students engaging others in everyday campus-life

    • Campus events - Creating connection points through fun get togethers

    • Wednesday Night meetings - A regular place to invite your friends to take the next steps

    • Forming new small groups -  Offering space to go deeper in relationships & grow in faith. 

  • 2- Service

    • Connecting Chapters -  Coordinating service opportunities within the community to Greek chapters and individual students

    • New Relationships - Utilizing service to build new relationships

    • Impact - Creating positive change in the Greek & college culture through servant leadership

    • Build community awareness - Sharing stories of service with the greater community 

    • Yearly Mission trips - Spring, fall, and summer break service and mission trips

    • Service Scholarships - Awarding $2,000 in scholarships for student serving in different capacities

  • 3 - Student Leadership

    • Student Leadership Team - Works with Cross staff & board to make decisions for the ministry

    • Retreats - Student leaders spending time away together to connect, go deeper, plan, and celebrate

    • Small group Leaders - Student leaders investing in their chapters as spiritual mentors

    • Committees - Subgroups within the student leadership team that plan & coordinate areas of ministry

    • Board & Organizational  Interactions & Ownership - Student leader regularly participate in board & organizational functions

  • 4 - Discipleship

    • Bible Studies - Growing in faith by being poured into in small groups and pouring into others through a scriptural focus.

    • Local Church - Connecting our students to the local church body as they grow in faith.

    • One-on-one exposure - Regular mentoring of Cross students from staff and local church leaders

    • Testimonies - Vulnerably sharing the gospel through their personal story

    • Stewardship - Teaching a model of generosity and accountability 

    • Mission - Sending and reporting back on God's work

    • Prayer - Incorporating prayer into every aspect of our ministry. Prayer is the work